Special Thanks to Jerry's Donor Hero

Jerry's first donor is a loving mother of three children.  Since donating her stem cells to Jerry, she's been involved in promoting marrow donation cause.  May God remember your kindness and generosity!

Click below to watch Be-The-Match hosted donor-recipient interview video between Jerry and his donor.

Jerry, the fighter

1st Bone Marrow Transplant, 2012

The most outstanding part about Jerry is his resilience in living a life fighting cancer since age three and enduring its aftermath.

2nd Bone Marrow Transplant, 2014

Diagnosed with high-risk leukemia in 2012, Jerry went straight to transplant after reaching remission.  He amazingly regained health overtime, only to relapse sixteen months after the transplant. We almost lost hope knowing the chance of finding a second donor is slim. Yet another God-sent savior granted us one last chance to fight this nasty disease. Jerry had the second transplant in March 2014. 

Serious post-transplant diseases

 The cancer has not come back ever since. However, Jerry suffered numerous complications. He has never been able to physically attend school due to a compromised immune system. He suffered severe visual impairment as a result of CMV retinitis. His kidneys also failed after going through so many rounds of chemo and radiation. He has been on nightly renal dialysis for over four years now. 

Faith and Hope

 Despite all of these, Jerry has kept up his good spirits and enjoyed time with family as much as possible. He likes to play Minecraft and board games; He enjoys listening to audio books and writing his own stories. He is a happy twelve-year old boy now. We are forever grateful for the two unrelated donors who generously donated their stem cells to save Jerry!