How to host donor drives

We need more host drives, especially in COVID-19 when numbers of blood, organ and marrow donors are fewer than normal years.  To host a donor drive, you need to communicate with be-the-match or DKMS national marrow registry.  They will help you organize the drive.  If you have not hosted donor drives before, we ask you contact us and work together through all the details.  We have hosted 6 donor drives in the last three months.  You can find more details by clicking to read our blog. If you would like to help us host donor drive, please fill in the following form and we will contact you to discuss on details.  Thank you so much!

Application form for hosting donor drive

Please enter your information below and click "submit" to send to us. We will contact you very soon.  Thank you!

What does a donor drive look like

Easy 3-step no-touch procedure:
1. Be-The-Match will prepare instruction plates for your use.  You can text "Lillian" to 61474, and then fill the registration form.
2. Take the swab-kit, and swab inside cheek in your own car.
3. Return the swab kit to the Be-The-Match employee on exit.

For more details, you can click the YouTube clip below (it's 7-min video illustrating how to prepare for a donor drive):

How to attend onsite drive-thru no-touch donor drive

1. Drive to the entrance, and stay in the car.  Follow the instructions by the volunteer to park your car in the right place.  Text "Lillian" to 61474 on your phone.  You will receive a reply message very soon, which contains the link inside.  Click the link and start to register on your phone.  If you have question, please ask the volunteers any time. 
2. After you successfully register on your phone, please let the volunteer know.  Then follow the instructions and drive to the next parking stop to actually get your sample.  You will be given a new swab kit.  The volunteer will teach how to use it.  
3. After you swab your cheek and return the swab kit, you are ready to leave the onsite registration. Within one hour or so, you will receive either an email or message asking you to confirm your registration. It's important to remember that you must reply "YES" to confirm.  Otherwise, your registration will be canceled and your swab kit will be discarded to honor and protect your privacy.