Thank you for helping saving lifes!

After our son Jerry was diagnosed with AML Leukemia in 2012, he has had two bone marrow transplants.  In 2020, our daughter was also diagnosed with AML.  This time, we can't find the matching donor, and then we realized only 40% of Asian Americans can find the matching donor.  We started to host donor drives to help people register as marrow donors, and also to help patients like our daughter to find matching donors.  There are many charity groups that have been helping all the patients and their families for decades.  You are encouraged to join any of those groups and be a hero like them.

Join the heroes, and be an advocate

LLS has been a major charity group for helping blood cancer patients. They have helped to push and pass a majority number of House acts to help patients. You can CLICK HERE to join LLS as an advocate, or follow their Twitter to help spread the posts.

Be-the-match is a major national bone marrow registry. Each year, they host donor drives to get people registered, and help hospitals to match for patients. They also help arrange and pay for donors to travel or take vacations to donate bone marrow stem cells. They met with Washing congresspeople and state representatives to pass many laws and acts helping patients and donor registration and educaiton. You can CLICK HERE to be their advocate and find a lot of fun attending their meetings at your will.

Advocate Donor Drives for Minorities

Only 2% of Americans have registered as marrow donors.  Only 25% of African Americans and 40% of Asian Americans can find matching donors.  Please help us with our 5-minute doner education survey.  We have been working with Leukemia and Lymphoma society and other charity groups to push for bills like TX House Bill 780, STAR act, and more.