Share the Love. Share the Hope!

We know how you feel!  We know, as parents of two cancer kids, how much pressure would be expected.  Financial, emotional, familiar, and physical.  Thank God, many people love us, more than you would expect.  In the last 10 years, we have received countless great love and help from many friends and many charity groups.  

We are currently still working on improving our app Donor Hero.  Please stay informed by pre-register below so that we can let you know when our app is open for registration to all patients.


我们知道您的感受!因为我们自己也是两个癌症孩子的父母,知道者意味着父母会承受多大的 财务,情感,熟悉和身体上的 压力。感谢上帝,许多人爱我们。在过去的十年中,我们得到了许多朋友和许多慈善团体的无数热爱和帮助。

我们目前仍在努力改善我们的网站 Donor Hero。请通过下面的预注册保持最新状态,以便我们在向所有患者开放注册时,我们可以及时的通知您。

Pre-registration form

Please leave us your email, name, and description of your disease so that we can inform you when we are open to register all the patients and help us help you.